Sky Snap Streaming Platform

Eddy Salzmann - Sky Snap Streaming Platform cover portfolio image
Eddy Salzmann - Sky Snap Streaming Platform background portfolio image
Client: Sky
Role: Product Designer

In 2013, Sky took a bold step into the future of entertainment with the launch of their new streaming service, Snap. With a compact, dynamic team of three, we were entrusted with the exciting task of shaping the product design and user experience from the ground up - all within a challenging 9-month timeline.

The primary focus was to deliver a seamless user experience across a wide range of devices including TVs, tablets, and smartphones. This required a comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics and limitations of each device, and the ability to design an interface that could adapt and perform optimally, irrespective of the medium.

This project underscored the power of a small team and the ability to deliver high-quality output within a tight timeframe. It stands as a testament to the central role of design in creating a product that enhances user engagement, delivers on its promise, and remains adaptive to a variety of user devices. The successful launch of Snap reinforces the impact of design on shaping a brand's identity and expansion in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

My work included:

  • Product Design
  • Prototyping & User testing

Award: Connected TV Summit 2014 - Best Connected TV Service