Vamos Event Guide

Eddy Salzmann - Vamos Event Guide cover portfolio image
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Client: Vamos
Role: Lead Product Designer

Vamos set out with a clear mission: to simplify the organization and sharing of local events among friends. This ambition required a digital solution that could consolidate event information from multiple sources such as Facebook, Eventim, and Ticnet, and also offer features like RSVP and ticket purchase directly from the app.

Partnering with Anna Lundqvist, our dynamic duo took on the challenge. As Lead Product Designer, I steered our efforts in designing an iOS product and a corresponding website that captured Vamos's core mission.

The iOS design needed to be intuitive, appealing, and seamlessly functional to ensure a user-friendly experience that encouraged event exploration and social interaction. Similarly, the website design aimed to echo the app's functionality while establishing a consistent brand presence online.

Our journey was underpinned by comprehensive prototyping and research. These steps were instrumental in refining our design approach, understanding our user needs better, and ensuring the final product resonated with our target audience.

We successfully developed a product that embodied Vamos's mission. This project demonstrates how a collaborative approach to design can result in a product that enhances user engagement, fosters social interaction, and seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms.

My work included:

  • Product Design
  • Website Design
  • Prototyping and research