Apps, downloads & fun stuff – a collection of side projects


Easy task tracking for macOS 12.1

Open Studio 1.0 – a Cinema 4D studio kit

Create your own unique studios with that free Cinema 4D kit.

Road Signs

A tribute series of iconic American road signs and a case study of light and shadows that plays with simple forms and colors.

CSV Populate – Figma Plugin

A handy little tool letting you upload csv file an populate it’s data to your assets.

iPhone 11 Mockup

Just a quick free iPhone 11 mockup for Figma because I couldn’t find any usable one anywhere.


Prototype for a weather app I’m working on right now. This just assures getting the right info and data values based on real places.

CV Generator

Due to my mentorship at, I received a lot of questions about creating a CV. To get rid of the annoying framework I created this generator that lets you create your resume on the fly.

Stucco Generator

A free stucco generator for C4D. I created it while learning some XPresso in Cinema, so feel free to take it and make your own styles.