Some product design work cases and fun projects I’m proud of.

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Empowering female athletes on their fitness & health through tailored training plans based on their cycle phase


An interactive sound experience while driving


Roar the streets! A website for a Berlin based scooter company.

Spotify Community

All for one. One for all. A design system for Spotify's community based on the new branding guidelines.


The kitchen tool of the chefs.

Sky Snap

Product Design for Sky's streaming service Snap for all devices and systems.


Redefining the insurance category through design, experience, and technology.

Spotify Help

Helping the users to get the right answers on their most precious questions.

Vamos App

Event guide app that helps you to connect to events around you.

Monster Break

A prototype made during the #wirvsvirus Hackathon with 43k people attending. The app focuses on kid's routines during a forced homestay.

Fall of the wall 25

An interactive platform exploring the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall.