RoadTracksis an interactive sound experience that is created while driving. Based on your driving behavior, location, speed, and other parameters you can influence a unique track that you can share live with friends and the community.

RoadTracks formed as a “gold idea” in my first agency job for one of our car clients around 2009. I got inspired by music pieces from Philip Glass and Steve Reich and imagined this kind of repetitive, almost meditational soundtrack that would follow you on your journey.



Empowering female athletes on their fitness & health through tailored training plans based on their cycle phase


An interactive sound experience while driving


Roar the streets! A website for a Berlin based scooter company.

Spotify Community

All for one. One for all. A design system for Spotify's community based on the new branding guidelines.


The kitchen tool of the chefs.

Sky Snap

Product Design for Sky's streaming service Snap for all devices and systems.