15 years in the field

Over the past years i had the luck to work with fantastic brands and industry leading people. Here is a selection of my favourite ones.

Work Experience

antoni, Blast Radius, B-Reel, Dayone, DDB, Elephant Seven, Fjord, Idean, Jung von Matt, Point Blank International, Saatch&Saatchi, TLGG, YouX



Analysing goals and trends, defining strategic actions and guiding the team through processes and workshops.


Rapid product development through prototyping and sketching - fast design delivery and brand alignment.


Learn new ways of understanding your clients and build products that develop with time and needs.

In first place i solve problems and design has a huge impact on solving them. I like the whole process, from conception to the final delivery – which we both know is never really final ;)

As a strong advocate of design thinking i also try to help brands in that direction. Besides analysing processes, workshops with the teams, interviews with partitipants i also love getting the hands dirty at production and create visual worlds that not only have a blast radius but also deliver true value to your service and customer.

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