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“Eddy has helped us with some great product design - helping us to align our online product with Spotify's new brand guideline. He's got good UX insights and is super quick in producing great design. Bringing Eddy to a workgroup brings a lot of energy to the vibe and he's good at delegating and helping more junior designer grow. It's a pleasure working with him!”

Elisabet Halmig, Product Manager @Spotify
“Sometimes you need more than talent, sometimes you also need a personality that can lift the team whilst leading it and drive real innovation whilst having a great time doing it. If it's one of those times, you're going to want to speak to Eddy. A real bright spark with a huge skillset, that's an absolute joy to work with!”

Andy Barker, UX Team lead @Logitec
“I have been blessed to work with Eddy! The minute we met there was electricity in the air and ideas were bouncing around. Eddy is not just a super talented designer, he is also a great person. Besides having a massive skillset from strategical design thinking all the way to perfect execution, he even codes. If someone would ask me to describe a unicorn designer, my answer would be Eddy Salzmann.”

Jan Luukkonen, CSO @Idean