Eddy Salzmann

"A real bright spark with a huge skillset, that's an absolute joy to work with!"

Hi, I'm Eddy, a Product Designer and Creative Technologist from Berlin. For over 15+ years, I've taken on key roles within various organizations, bringing about substantial growth and contributing significantly to the design landscape.

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A history of fun

Advisor / FounderAEO - HybridAug 2023 - Present, Berlin, Deutschland
At aeo, we are dedicated enhancing your business from inside out. Our approach is to refine your internal workings for optimal efficiency: streamline processes, foster a supportive culture, and enhance your productivity. With a keen eye for identifying and addressing the root causes, we provide your team with tools and strategies to inspire and improve. We are not just an advisory team, but catalysts for fresh ideas and enablers of work practices with the goal to make you smarter. While boosting your core we also passionately take care of the business's external image: from redefining your product, features and brand to integrating latest trends. We believe that through understanding the broader perspective and executing with precision your business will not just survive, but thrive in its industry.
FARO Technologies
Product Design LeadFARO Technologies - FreelanceJan 2023 - Present, Berlin, Deutschland
Building 3D software
Design Leadfrog - FreelanceOct 2022 - Nov 2022, Barcelona, Spain
Design Director, Design ManagerWILD.AI - FreelanceDec 2020 - Sep 2022, London, United Kingdom
- Driving the brand vision through strategy, design and research - Create, prototype and test the design system - Quantitative research on behavioural patterns
Design DirectorSiteScape - FreelanceFeb 2022 - Aug 2022, New York, United States
Building 3D software
Lead Product Designer, Design ManagerChoco - FreelanceOct 2021 - Jun 2022, Berlin, Germany
Building a scalable design system
Lead Product Designer | UX & Service Designer | DeveloperAddSecure - FreelanceJun 2018 - Jun 2021, Stockholm, Sweden
At AddSecure, I work closely with the technical department on realizing great products and services for their customers. These services include B2C and B2B apps focusing on managing property alerts and interactions. My work includes: - Lead Product Design for several security-driven B2C and B2B apps - Brand consulting for the general branding direction
Lead Product DesignerDance - FreelanceApr 2021 - Apr 2021, Berlin, Germany
Design Director, Lead Product Designer, Creative & Art Directorannaeddy - Oct 2013 - Sep 2020,
• DIGITAL SERVICES We create tools (apps) for people to explore/use • CAMPAIGNS (Mostly) Digital & interactive ideas for brand awareness • WORKSHOPS Inspirational workshops to help provide tools that lead towards a more efficient way of working
Lead Product Designer | Service Designer | DeveloperLandor - FreelanceOct 2018 - 2019, Hamburg, Germany
Landor is one of the leading branding agencies in the world. Helping them to bring their fantastic brand approaches to digital life I worked closely with them and their clients on a couple of game-changing services and products. My work included: - Digital brand transformation, Art Direction, and Lead Product Design - Technical consulting and feasibility approaches - Ideation and realization of apps, platforms, and services - Development
Deutsche Bahn
Lead Product Designer | Principal DesignerDeutsche Bahn - FreelanceJul 2018 - Oct 2018, Berlin, Germany
Deutsche Bahn is a global transportation company 100% owned by the German government. Deutsche Bahn offers not only railway services for its daily 13mio customers but also has tons of other services such as car sharing, bike sharing, logistics, etc. To make these services share a common database, DB asked us to create an SSO for all of its services. An important part of that project was to make sure to catch the needs of everybody and offer a barrier-free service. We worked in a with a small team with about ten people over six months. I was responsible for: - Developing the design system - Guide development and technical feasibility - Identify needs & specify requirements - Prototype & User testing
Lead Designer | Product Designer | UX DesignerB-Reel - FreelanceNov 2016 - Oct 2018, Stockholm, Sweden
I supported B-Reel Stockholm on an interactive tour project for one of their clients. The project included some high-level interaction analysis as well as creative problem-solving in a user-centric approach. My work included: - User research and prototyping - Technical analysis and feasibility - AR interaction approaches for several tour stations - Product design for digital and physical solutions - Architectural ideation
Hyper Island
Hyper IslandStockholm, Sweden
TeacherMar 2018, Freelance
Group coaching for a prototyping course
TeacherMar 2017, Freelance
Group coaching for a prototyping course
Lead Product Designer | Lead UX Designer | Motion Designer | 3D DesignerBosch - FreelanceJan 2015 - Oct 2017, Berlin, Germany
At Bosch Berlin, I was responsible for the Product Design Lead of two of their digital products focusing on user-centric approaches of car owners. My work included: - Product Design Lead and Creative Direction - Ideation and realization of strategic approaches - Animation and 3d Lead - Managing junior designers
Another Tomorrow
Lead Service Designer | Senior Art DirectorAnother Tomorrow - FreelanceJul 2017 - Aug 2017, Stockholm, Sweden
Lead Product Designer | Principal Designer | Senior Art DirectorSpotify - FreelanceSep 2015 - Dec 2016, Stockholm, Sweden
At Spotify, we created two major projects: Spotify Community and Spotify Help along with several smaller projects in Stockholm HQ. Spotify's Community is the heart of the platform where people connect, get answers, suggest new features and bond with the brand. Our job was to translate these values into a meaningful product everybody loves to use. My work included: - Developing the design system - Identify needs & specify requirements - Prototype & User testing -- Align requirements with development team - Manage junior designers
Senior Art Director | Creative Director | Lead Product Designer | Lead UX DesignerTLGG - FreelanceNov 2013 - Dec 2016, Berlin, Germany
TLGG is a leading digital agency in Germany focusing on social media content for its clients. I did quite a view jobs and pitches with them for a variety of clients. I could help them with: - Ideation and realization of marketing campaigns - New business pitches and stakeholder presentations - Product design lead and junior designer management
antoni GmbH
Lead Designer | Product Designer | Service Designerantoni GmbH - FreelanceOct 2016 - Oct 2016, Berlin, Germany
Kyocera Group
Lead Designer | UX LeadKyocera Group - FreelanceAug 2016 - Oct 2016,
At Kyocera, I was responsible for creating some interactive animations to showcase their new in-car displays. The product design was focused on highlighting their display innovations for the car industry including haptic feedback interaction models.
Zalando SE
Design Coach | Trainer | MentorZalando SE - FreelanceJun 2016 - Jun 2016, Berlin, Germany
At Zalando, we held an intense digital training session for their employees. The training included UX and UI Design insights as well as general creative solution management.
Lead Product Designer | Creative Director | UX DesignerIdean - FreelanceJan 2013 - Jun 2016, Berlin, Germany
Volkswagen AG
Lead Product Designer | Creative Director | UX DesignerVolkswagen AG - FreelanceOct 2015 - May 2016, Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
At Volkswagen we realized a major project focusing on user interactions inside the car. We went with a user-centric approach and used design thinking for our design processes. We worked closely with engineers, salespeople, and customers to get a deeper knowledge of their needs and wishes. My work included: - Analyzing user behavior and conducting user interviews in real-life scenarios - Cooperating with engineers on new car developments - Building approaches for interaction models - Creative Direction and Product Design for the final approach
Lead Designer | Creative DirectorHEAD - FreelanceJan 2015 - Oct 2015, Berlin, Deutschland
Head asked us to conceptualize and guide their new sportswear section. We planned and executed the complete strategy for the market release. My work included: - Ideation and realization of the campaign strategy - Art Direction and Implementation of their new sportswear section into their global website - Prepare and guide the photo shooting for the campaign
Senior Art DirectorDAYONE - FreelanceJun 2015 - Jul 2015, Berlin, Germany
Miami Ad School
TeacherMiami Ad School - FreelanceJun 2015 - Jul 2015, Berlin, Germany
Digital Training
Blast Radius
Senior Art Director | Lead Product Designer | 3D & Motion Designer | DeveloperBlast Radius - FreelanceOct 2012 - Jan 2015, Hamburg, Germany
At Blast Radius, I helped to realize dozens of digital projects for clients such as Nivea, Castrol, Novartis, and many more. Together we created great brand experiences, product launches, and global campaigns. My work included: - Creative and Art Direction and Product Design of global campaigns, product launches, and digital services - Ideation and realization of global digital campaigns - Animation and 3d Lead - Development guidance - Management of junior designers
Senior Product Designer | Creative Director | Service DesignerYouX - FreelanceMay 2013 - Jan 2014, Berlin, Germany
At YouX we worked on Sky's new on-demand video service "Snap" which started in 2013. We created the complete product design and user experience with a really small team of three in 9 months. The product was focused on making a smooth user experience on all devices such as TV, tablets, and smartphones. I was responsible for: - Lead Product Design & Creative Direction - Prototype & User testing
Lead Product Designer | Brand DesignerVamos - Freelance2014 - 2014, Berlin, Germany
Creating 2014's most innovative event app: Vamos's mission was to organize and share local events with your friends. The app pulls events from Facebook, Eventim, Ticnet, etc. You can RSVP and buy tickets from the app when needed. I was responsible for: - Lead Product Design (iOS) - Webdesign - Prototyping and research
Jung von Matt
Senior Art Director | Senior Product DesignerJung von Matt - FreelanceSep 2013 - Oct 2013, Hamburg, Germany
Fjord Berlin
Senior Service Designer | Senior Product Designer | UX DesignerFjord Berlin - FreelanceMay 2012 - Oct 2012, Berlin, Germany
At Fjord, I made a transformation from the advertising industry to real service and product design. My work was based on user analysis and research of actual needs. In these projects I was responsible for: - Product design and Art Direction of various products and services - Analyzing interaction models on map services on different devices and create new experiences - Managing junior designers
DDB Berlin
Senior Art DirectorDDB Berlin - FreelanceJan 2012 - Mar 2012, Berlin, Germany
At DDB Berlin I helped to create two bigger projects leading the Art Direction and ideation processes. My work included: - Ideation and Art Direction of several campaigns - Management of junior designers
Elephant Seven Hamburg GmbH
Art DirectorElephant Seven Hamburg GmbH - Full-timeApr 2009 - Mar 2011, Hamburg, Germany
At Elephant 7 I started my career from a junior designer to an art director in 2 years. My work was focused on advertising products and services from a variety of clients such as Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Schwarzkopf, Allianz, MontBlanc, Unilever, Chrysler, and Nivea. I was responsible for: - Ideation and realization for short and long term campaigns - Designs for campaigns, websites and advertising banners - Prototyping and user research - Product design for apps and services on tablets, phones, and TVs - Animation direction and sound design - Storytelling and personas - Managing junior designers and training/coaching
The Walt Disney Company
3D Designer | AnimationThe Walt Disney Company - FreelanceMar 2009 - Mar 2009, Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
Art DirectorSchmidt de Donno - FreelanceAug 2007 - Feb 2009, Hamburg, Germany
Art DirectorMikiko Sato Gallery - FreelanceApr 2007 - Feb 2009, Hamburg, Germany
Check out the fantastic artist portfolio! www.mikikosatogallery.com

Key roles

Design Lead, Produt Designer, UX Designer, Information Architect, Motion Designer, Full Stack Developer


Red Dot Award 2019, Videonet Connected TV Awards 2014, IDEAID Best Design 2014, ADC Award 2013, Kontakter Client Award 2013, EURO EFFIE Award 2013, Red Dot Award 2013, 2 x Annual Multimedia Award 2011


AddSecure, Adidas, Allianz, Bacardi, BMW, Bosch, Carlsberg, Chrysler, Choco, Dance, Deutsche Bahn, Eon, Head, Here, Hublot, Jonathan Johnson, Lufthansa, Manhattan Cosmetics, Mercedes-Benz, Meta, Montblanc, Novartis, Nike, Richemont, Samsung, SiteScape, Sky, Spotify, Swisscom, Tier, Unilever, Vamos, Vodafone, Volkswagen, Walt Disney, Wild AI