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15+ years of working history, driving products and services, teams and brands to new exciting playgrounds through visual experiences, development, marketing, and strategy. I use design as a way of thinking, agile as a way of working, and performance as a way of leading. Working with some of the most influential brands in design, technology, and media I created countless innovative products and services for more than 300 million people worldwide.



MonsterBreak - #wirvsvirus Hackathon

Background: Only in Germany are over 13 million children now doing school at home due to the corona pandemie. Insights: Parents need help to create routines. Children are missing out on valuable play time and collaborative exercises. Idea: By creating a MonsterBreak app (aka PausenMonster) we help children to get inspirations of what to do on their breaks and stay connected with their classmates!

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I started my journey into digital products around 2000 while studying Sociology after Adorno and Horkheimer in Frankfurt. Creating a website at that time was the coolest thing to do I thought. The interactive part was so inspiring but also challenging because you needed to learn to code. Html, CSS, and Javascript were the first weapons I chose to create interactive worlds for my first clients. As I came from design I knew what I wanted in the end, so my process back then already was pretty much streamlined.

After giving up my studies, I didn't see any future for me in the academic world, I moved to Hamburg to start at a recording studio (My high-school time was focused around music (classic piano education) and sound engineering). After giving that up I started to focus again on my graphical skills and started as a designer in an advertising company (at that time ALL of my friends were working in the industry). I never actually liked advertising but I'm really grateful for the ideation speed and fast creation skills I learned there.

After moving to Berlin I started to work in my first service & product design jobs as a freelancer and truly loved the transition from advertising to usefulness. The rest is history: until today I work for various brands and clients around the globe focusing on design, UX/UI, research, team setup + lead, coaching and amazing products while having a great time together!


CV Generator

Due to my mentorship, I received a lot of questions about creating a CV. To get rid of the annoying framework I created this generator that lets you create your resume on the fly.


A prototype made during the #wirvsvirus Hackathon with 43k people attending. The app focuses on kid's routines during a forced homestay.

Cloud Atlas

A collection of procedural clouds made with Houdini, C4D, RealFlow, and Arnold. This collection can be used for free and will be updated continuously.

What my clients say

Sometimes you need more than talent, sometimes you also need a personality that can lift the team whilst leading it and drive real innovation whilst having a great time doing it. If it's one of those times, you're going to want to speak to Eddy. A real bright spark with a huge skillset, that's an absolute joy to work with!

Andy Barker, UX Team lead @Logitec Oakland

Eddy has helped us with some great product design - helping us to align our online product with Spotify's new brand guideline. He's got good UX insights and is super quick in producing great design. Bringing Eddy to a workgroup brings a lot of energy to the vibe and he's good at delegating and helping more junior designer grow. It's a pleasure working with him!

Elisabet Halmig, Product Manager @Spotify Stockholm

I have been blessed to work with Eddy! The minute we met there was electricity in the air and ideas were bouncing around. Eddy is not just a super talented designer, he is also a great person. Besides having a massive skillset from strategical design thinking all the way to perfect execution, he even codes. If someone would ask me to describe a unicorn designer, my answer would be Eddy Salzmann.

Jan Luukkonen, Founder @Herontalents Helsinki

Where Eddy is there is JOY. Eddy and I met for a Volkswagen pitch at DDB in December 2011. We directly noticed how easy and quick we aligned and were able to build on each other ideas. Me as a UX designer focusing on the peoples needs & behaviours, and Eddy being the one knowing how to use technology and the gift of designing it. I immediately felt safe with Eddy because I noticed that whatever happened with our project, team and deadlines his joy was always there. His personality is such a gift to be around. Eddy is like a machine – when he works he is focused and a do:er. I am happy to call Eddy my Creative partner – the one and the very best I have ever had.

Anna Lundqvist, UX Lead Stockholm

With Eddy it´s always a ride - but a joyful one on a unicorn. For me he is a true creative partner in crime with his talent and experience.

Marcus Greye, ECD @TLGG Berlin

It is rare that you meet a Design Leader like Eddy. I’ve had the chance of talking to him about where I stand in my career and what I want to achieve, and his suggestions and approach were the most useful I’ve received in the last 4-5 years. He quickly understands a person’s current level in their profession and he is exceptionally good at advising on how to handle difficult career decisions. His mentorship helped me see how I should communicate my experience to show the value that I can bring to an organisation and what my next steps should be to reach my career goals. Any technologist would be lucky to have him as a mentor.

Ceren Binyildirim, Lead Product and Service Designer