Avicii Snapchat XP

Eddy Salzmann - Avicii Snapchat XP cover portfolio image
Eddy Salzmann - Avicii Snapchat XP background portfolio image
Client: Superficial Machines
Role: Lead Product Designer

In an innovative tribute to Avicii, the late artist known for his boundless energy and musical genius, a unique Snapchat filter treasure hunt was conceived. The project, a collaborative endeavor between the Tim Bergling Foundation and Superficial Machines, embraced the transformative power of AR technology to bring this immersive experience to life.

Once engaged with the Snapchat filter, users embarked on an engaging journey. Guided by a digital map, they navigated to three specific city locations, each hosting a unique AR experience. Upon arrival, the real-world quest involved seeking and capturing a designated landmark via the app.

The activation of each AR experience embodied the spirit of Avicii's music. Users interacted with 3D elements, animating them in their own environment. They brought musical waveforms to life by interacting with city buildings, or collaboratively unlocked a grand AR spectacle in Stockholm's heart by creating a heart sign with their hands.

In its entirety, this AR-driven project served as an exciting and engaging homage to Avicii, encapsulating the joy, creativity, and unity inherent in his music. It was a beautiful intersection of technology, music, and shared memories, creating a unique space where fans could celebrate and remember Avicii's legacy.