Tier Website

Eddy Salzmann - Tier Website cover portfolio image
Eddy Salzmann - Tier Website background portfolio image
Client: Landor
Role: Senior Product Designer, Senior Dev

As urban mobility shifts towards sustainable and efficient solutions, Tier, a rapidly growing scooter company based in Berlin, is at the forefront of revolutionizing city travel across Europe.

Our two-person team was driven by a shared goal - to create a website that balances user expectations and business needs, while also offering a uniquely enjoyable and unexpected journey for every visitor. As Lead Product Designer and Developer, my role was to shape the trajectory of the project, whilst Anna, our UX specialist, brought valuable insights and expertise to the table.

From the initial identification of needs and requirements to the development of prototypes and subsequent user testing, Anna and I worked hand in hand. This synergy culminated in the development of a comprehensive design system and the launch of a revamped website that acts as a digital reflection of Tier's innovative brand identity.

Our work was anchored by the exceptional brand strategy formulated by Landor, which provided a solid foundation for us to express Tier's commitment to revolutionizing urban mobility. The end product is a testament to the power of collaborative design – a website that not only connects Tier with users in new and exciting ways, but also reinforces their position as a leader in the market. This project showcases the impact of effective design in enhancing user engagement, strengthening brand identity, and promoting market expansion.

My work included:

  • Developing the design system
  • Developing the website
  • Identify needs & specify requirements
  • Prototype & User testing