Dialog Design System

Eddy Salzmann - Dialog Design System cover portfolio image
Eddy Salzmann - Dialog Design System background portfolio image
Client: Landor
Role: Senior Product Designer

Generali's strategic pivot to reposition Dialog as the broker-centric insurer within the Generali Group required a transformational online platform dedicated to serving independent insurance brokers.

Responding to this challenge, I was tasked with creating a streamlined, efficient platform that enhances the insurance brokers' value chain while interacting with Dialog.

Leveraging process-oriented strategies, I aimed to provide quick access to pertinent information through the implementation of over 600 product pages, each designed with clarity and efficiency at their core. The website encapsulates the complete range of brand assets, creating a professional yet approachable experience across all devices.

As the Lead Product Designer, I guided our team in developing a comprehensive design system, identifying needs, and specifying requirements. Our dynamic collaboration included prototype creation and user testing, along with the vital task of aligning requirements with our development team. Another important aspect of my role involved managing and mentoring junior designers, fostering an environment of learning and growth.

Landor's exceptional branding strategy served as the foundation for our project, allowing us to accurately represent Dialog's transformation and commitment to its broker-focused approach. This initiative reaffirms the capacity of thoughtful design to augment user engagement, bolster brand identity, and facilitate the evolution of business strategies.

My work included:

  • Developing the design system
  • Identify needs & specify requirements
  • Prototype & User testing
  • Align requirements with development team
  • Manage junior designers


Corporate Design Price 2019
DDC 2019