Wild Athletes

Eddy Salzmann - Wild Athletes cover portfolio image
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Client: Wild AI
Role: Lead Product Designer

At WILD.AI, we unleashed the untapped potential of female physiology in the realm of athletics. Tailoring training plans, offering nutritional recommendations, and enhancing coach-athlete communication – all in harmony with each athlete's natural cycle.

My role was integral, straddling the realms of product design, research, and branding to deliver a holistic experience.

The onboarding process for the WILD.AI app was meticulously optimized under my guidance. A crucial element of the user experience, it was designed to be seamless, inviting, and informative, complete with a revamped visual design. The result was a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal that ensured a positive first interaction for our users.

A key responsibility of mine was to carve out a new brand identity. This included defining the brand's voice, visual style, and core values, ensuring our mission to empower female athletes. I created a distinctive and engaging brand that reflected both the strength and resilience of our target audience.

Prototyping and testing are essential steps in product development. I led this process, creating detailed prototypes, defining testing parameters, and refining our product based on user feedback. This meticulous process allowed us to fine-tune the user experience, ensuring our app met the specific needs of our users.

Product design and information architecture (IA) were central to my role. I designed the user interface and shaped the underlying IA, ensuring the app was intuitive to navigate and visually appealing. This meticulous design process resulted in a user-centric product that supported our users in achieving their athletic goals.

In a world where design consistency can make or break an app, I took the helm in creating a comprehensive design system. This design language served as a backbone, guiding our team in creating a cohesive and consistent user experience across all touchpoints, ultimately strengthening our brand and enhancing our users' experience.

My work included:

  • Optimizing the current app onboarding and revamp the visual design
  • Developing a new brand identity
  • Create prototypes and define testing parameters
  • Product design and IA
  • Building a design system
  • Art & Creative Direction