Eddy Salzmann - Spotify cover portfolio image
Eddy Salzmann - Spotify background portfolio image
Client: Spotify
Role: Lead Product Designer

At the core of Spotify's thriving platform lies its vibrant Community – a space where users connect, seek advice, propose new features, and cultivate a unique bond with the brand.

Anna and I were tasked with the responsibility of transforming these key values into a product experience that resonates with every user.

Our collaborative effort in the translation of Spotify's new brand guide, launched in 2015, into a holistic product design. As the Lead Product Designer, my role was central in shaping and directing the project. Our first step involved developing a modular design system, which served as a solid foundation for the rest of our work.

We then proceeded to identify the essential needs and specific requirements of the project. This phase was critical as it set the parameters for our design. With this understanding, we were able to create prototypes and conduct thorough user testing, thereby ensuring that the final product was in line with our user's expectations and needs.

Further, one of my key responsibilities involved aligning these requirements with our development team, ensuring a seamless transition from design to execution. I also had the rewarding opportunity to manage and mentor junior designers on our team, cultivating an environment of growth and learning.

The result: a user-focused product that truly reflects Spotify's commitment to its Community. This endeavor highlights the power of intuitive design and teamwork in enhancing user engagement, fostering brand loyalty, and enriching the overall user experience.

My work included:

  • Developing the design system
  • Identify needs & specify requirements
  • Prototype & User testing
  • Align requirements with development team
  • Manage junior designers