Fall of the Wall

Eddy Salzmann - Fall of the Wall cover portfolio image
Eddy Salzmann - Fall of the Wall background portfolio image
Client: TLGG
Role: Lead Product Designer

As the Berlin skyline sparkled with the glow of the LICHTGRENZE's luminous white balloons, a digital counterpart emerged parallel, giving voice to an array of shared experiences and personal stories. From November 7th to 9th, each balloon in the physical world had a digital echo on fallofthewall25.com, a website that I led in both concept and realization.

Balloon patrons from around the globe could inscribe their messages and personal stories onto this digital canvas. This innovative platform, combining past narratives with current reflections, mirrored the city's physical tribute and invited participation from a global audience. Users from every corner of the world were welcomed to join as virtual balloon patrons, sharing their own reflections and connecting across borders.

At the intersection of commemoration and innovation, I led the Creative Direction and Product Design for fallofthewall25.com. As well as managing a team of junior designers, my role was to ensure the digital tribute's design was as compelling as the physical event and technically seamless. A blend of aesthetics, user experience, and functionality, the website served as a beacon for unity and remembrance, bridging past and present, and connecting people like never before.

My work included:

  • Conception and realization
  • Creative Direction and Product Design Lead
  • Management of junior designers
  • Development guidance and technical feasibility